Repeat it quickly: a photographer that photographs a photographer photographing is what? One of those games to get you tongue stuck? Actually this was one of our projects, the production of a documental/institucional video for Juliana Wiklund, the photographer.
Juliana is a talented and internationally rewarded Brazilian photographer that lives in Stockholm, Sweden, from where she leaves to any corner in the world tho photograph, specially weddings. She describes herself as “destination photographer”, something like an international locations photographer.
We at RAP Photodesign had the honor and the pleasure of being hired by Juliana to produce an audiovisual material that she will adopt to explain and advertise her international actuation in her blog, in international magazines blogs and in photographic events.
The raw material was captured with a Canon 5DMkII, in three different locations, while Juliana was in action, and turned into beautiful images. We produced the audiovisual mixing jualiana's photos and the material we produced. By the way, the shots where I, Raphael, apear were made by Kettelin Zafra Bittencourt, my wife, an authentic case of photographer photographing a photographer photographing a photographer photographing, got it?
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